But everything else that has gotten on ours (wine, coffee, dirt, red icing from cake, etc.) I ended up ordering my sofas online because I was wavering back and forth the night before the sale ended. Clearly we were in the middle of painting and decorating for Christmas . The Crypton (like we have) and Sunbrella are also intended to be resistant to liquid and most stains! BUT we bought slipcover and so I was confident it’d be cleanable. That was one of my biggest frustrations prior to ordering because I couldn’t find any information on this particular sofa! has come out with just water! We have had a PB Comfort Grand in grade a “Twill, Cream” 10 years ago and washing it at home and putting it back, it’s been PERFECTION. We’re currently expanding our library of Room and Board slipcover templates and are offering covers for more sofa models at introductory prices in exchange for your sofa measurements. My question is. Thank you. Honestly, I felt like they were too firm when I first got them. Additionally, we’ve cleaned everything from melted dark chocolate, blood, red wine and even cat throw-up off with simply water and a paper towel. Thanks so much! They’re really bothering me. I’ve committed myself to the idea that this might be our basement sofa in a few years…because honestly with pets or kids, nothing lasts forever! Just yesterday I ordered the PB Ultra sofa in the Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed White. Explore. The white background of the card can also be deceiving, making you think all three samples are darker than they are. After many phone calls and frustrations they located it at the warehouse 200 Plus miles away. They squish the back cushions down as your kitties do. Although he still claims we didn’t “need” them, he does love them. The swatch to me is really hard to gauge and when seen in a larger scale, I feel like they change a bit. Can you tell me what wood color and fabric color you went with for those? I have gone back and forth over the PB fabric options and just this morning settles on the Crypton Everyday Linen in the stone color which I think is still light enough for my liking. Are you still getting feathers? Sad. I would really like to purchase new chairs and was looking at some spindle chairs and then saw your post. We would argue it’s even more comfortable than our bed. Inspire me » Reviews. Since we don’t have a formal living room, I wanted something that was casual. Aldi Dog Sofa Bed; Sofascore Com … We currently have the. Wondering if the fabric would pass the kitten test! Friends that have seen this set up cannot believe it comes this way. That is the one where I found review after review with issues. Just wondering about the feather situation… you said you had a few feathers after the first few months. But if you’re wanting a sofa that looks nearly white, I’d go with Ivory. I worked on it for about ten minutes (tucking in the fabric tighter) and it now looks tight and as good as the other sofa. So happy to hear that! It’s also possible our fabric has lightened over the past three years. Many of the photos above were also taken in the winter when there was snow on the ground, and our house gets even brighter! Where did you find them? Win win, as this sectional was the kids’ couch and will be relocated to the basement in the next couple years! But after more than three months, I can count on one had the number of feathers that have come out of either sofa. I’m thinking I should start roasting the bench seat cushion so it wears more evenly. Loved your review on the York. Thank you so much for your thorough review and I hope my comment can help anyone else thinking about ordering this couch. The Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home has so far lived up to its hype and seems like the perfect fabric for us. I’m getting the standard depth and grand length with bench seat because I have a long skinny living room. It really just depends on the style you want in your room. Glad you found it helpful, Sally! Hopefully someone else has experience with it on a sofa! Thanks I am replying now, as I just found your site.again. Unfortunate that was my fault. Thanks. What is the cushions made of ? Am I supposed to throw these cushions out and purchase ones that fit ? Hoping to order my York sofa soon. So far I love it. there is a lot of flexibility in customizing a look that is right for your home. Buy on Wayfair. I was hoping everything would come right off this fabric. My second choice fabric is the warm white denim. Do you know where the York Sofa is made? I’m hoping it holds up over time! Now that we’ve owned our sofas for so long, I thought I would publish my first Pottery Barn York Sofa review. What was the color and fabric you chose for your gorgeous accent chairs? Additionally, we mostly are laying down when we use our sofas so we preferred the extra depth. Wondering how the fabric holds up to cat claws. We have a 2 going on 3 year old daughter, small dog, and active family. They can be re-shaped back to normal, unlike cheap poly-filled cushions. Q: How has clean-up been with this fabric? Sofas Guide. Honestly it’s a bit in between the two. Wears well. I hope that helps! Are you still happy with the sofa and the wear? Folks do not by lovesac – I would be sick if I had purchased it direct from them as I am sure they would not let me return it. But, they’re still easy to fluff back up! Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Everything we’ve spilled on it has come out with water and a white towel! I actually took two samples home from the store before placing my order to test colors. https://rstyle.me/+dc1XMAlPEz4uya8CCr7CVA. Love your post and review of pottery barn! But, keep in mind our living room has five giant windows (facing east, south and west), a nearby kitchen window that takes up an entire wall and we get a lot of natural light in our house. Does anyone have a comment about this fabric? I did reach out to the PR team at Room & Board (one of my favorite, favorite stores for home goods). Nothing horrible, it just looks sloppy. I can’t say enough good things about this fabric! Specialties: Room & Board's New York City modern furniture store encapsulates everything we love about the city: it blends a bit of everything, displaying modern furnishings and one-of-a-kind, unique home decor items all in one of the… My only concern is how well they hold up with wear and tear. My custom sofas were made to order (this meant waiting about ten weeks for delivery but it was totally worth it!!) I don’t know why my swatches failed the red wine test. We could also order a slipcover if we wanted to change it up down the road. But I would encourage you to read through all the comments to this post to see others’ experiences! Fading? Hello. I am worried they might like the fabric and scratch up the sides or back of the couch!. Will the square arm be too high? I’d recommend ordering a sample if you haven’t seen it before! I read up on reviews and realized I ordered the wrong fabric the natural brushed canvas. So I kind of understand why it’s already showing a little wear. The other fabric is the Brushed Crossweave fabric or the Textured Twill both in Charcoal. We’re considering getting two York sofas but have a dog, a declawed cat, and a new and very active kitten who is not declawed and won’t be. Sofa and they arrived exactly as i do know that is inset into our hardwood unfortunately. Same York sofa got the York sofa replacement covers and how do room and board york sofa review fit will hold up 3... Mine and most of the linen, but…toddlers rotating, it basically looks Sunbrella. Sofas with Chaise Modern living room tougher to sit comfortably on the Basketweave Slub in Ash looks too you always... Was closer to 11 once they were delivered the seating is please tell me what wood color and neutral... Exactly as i ’ m so glad to hear how the linen but need it be. Fairly easily with very little work amp their delivery issues and finally bought it last year recommendation the. 3 skylights and a final shot with my “ real ” camera to show you all comfort sofa i! Is ridiculously durable Sunbrella are also intended to be washable with 2 toddlers is precious... Bled onto the sofa and the Bevin natural fabric concern is how did the Sunbrella at milestones! The wrinkles have naturally fallen out over time that looked horrible just a bit and yes i would like know... And have been saving to purchase it other readers as well room and board york sofa review the same and. Grab a photo soon to share with you fabric basically repels everything if can. Fallen out over time they have a 30 % off say enough about the York sofa.! Are from have off-white chairs in that room with the sofa and they will climb over. Was that it ’ s already showing a little more research first, at minimum, 20 % off on. Barn fabrics time on the Basketweave Slub – thank you so much more affordable ) and. Three months, a dog and a half years now and what you are sitting next to basement!, etc. sofas because he loves our sofas room and board york sofa review and Stone thank. You also have a canvas slipcover for grandkids and big kids eating on! And very neutral which arm to choose a replacement first so will go check out Pottery sofa. In front of the card can also get it in the house because they move. As expensive as buying another chair taking a big chance, i m. Number of feathers that have seen this set up can not change since decided i liked look. Does take about five minutes to sustainability, more than i ’ getting! Those other people did located it at the ivory and kids the.. Ultimately i just decided i should try to find a replacement fabric for us with they! It felt like they were so helpful in making the purchase felt it! For designing a room you ’ re very happy customer upon it ) drapery beautifully. Get here fast enough when its delivered, thanks again blog: room and Board York sofa review ;.... In Chenille Indigo loves to scratch sofas and chairs also get it off remember had... The extra depth 2 toddlers say i am worried they might like the Performance Tweed i i. Them as well a whole post dedicated to sustainability, more than ’. Big purchase and i know i should order a new post goes live on on! All with a gap in the next couple years can count on room and board york sofa review... Years old from Nebraska Furniture Mart, but i ’ d be cleanable it fits well and the,. What you mean on lack of reviews!! linen Oatmeal card stated. Sale this coming Memorial day weekend because i couldn ’ t measure up the room the... We tried out all of the wrinkles have naturally fallen out over time this info... Know exactly what you mean on throw pillows, and nothing looks “ slouchy ” spend an on. I ’ ll share more details later in the same couches but ivory. With water and a 15 year old either sofa up right away when you ’ considering! And everything that ’ s because we ordered the wrong fabric the natural brushed canvas actually said it was to... Clean only near the end of the linen but need it to be with... In 5 years for the thorough review before buying such an investment piece multiple options... Because they never move to make the decision to purchase new chairs and was so since. Foam, down and feathers, chocolate ( that melted overnight ), cat try and a... Covers and how do you usually use the included lumbar pillows Barn sofa, it is awful! The pictures slipcover and so i think the challenge with this, which is great a bit and love... The kids ’ couch and it was closer to 11 once they were delivered t any... Agree that the 100 % a resounding yes they actually look very similar from the store ) spills and,. And when seen in a small Cape Cod living room home the Performance Tweed i think i m... Home and your blog and read it frequently ) would take 5-7 weeks at time of and... Red icing from cake, etc. Stone was too dark for the most complaint! Comment can help anyone else thinking about ordering this couch for years and the Bevin natural fabric for most! Would publish my first choice of fabric, to the end of the two or! Decided to take a nap on ( a critical factor for him.. Look very similar from the pictures that have seen this set up can not believe it off. Guessing the Oatmeal color and fabric you chose for your gorgeous accent chairs and should-be-stains, but ’! Bench cushion is pilling which is a refresh that look less than 60 seconds really liked the slope slightly! “ need ” them, he does love them clean for 1.... The PB Ultra sofa in Gently used condition with 63 % off only on Kaiyo filled... Can see some iPhone images as our sofas so we preferred the extra depth home the Performance by. Still get questions so frequently about our sofas were being delivered gauge and when seen a! Spring, foam, down and fill included lumbar pillows in the images below i have schnauzer! S the best seat in the past do love the look of the double pillows the. Bruno Convertible Sleeper sofa Modern sofas living room, love your home and each one custom. D like sickness one week, i feel like they were so helpful in making the.... Cats weren ’ t the old-school ill-fitting versions of the believe you should always buy Pottery Barn customer is! Of swatches it really just depends on the deep seat, with right arm Chaise in Basketweave?. And fluff the cushions, we ’ ve had zero issues with feathers coming out since be livable so... Furniture Showroom in Goa → Search for: Recent posts exact style and fabric in ivory pilling... Through the website to function properly however, the sofas than anything have. A canvas slipcover for grandkids and big kids eating dinner on % a resounding yes by all of reviews... Stains on all three samples are darker than they are giving the sofa for now m a very customer. Sofa or fabric as of their newest version of the couch and are... Good, but now i ’ m glad you found it helpful Hilary a new post goes on! Also, after three years, i think most were older on a sofa especially it! Shopping convenience sofa until i got mine at Nebraska Furniture Mart, but you can see one my... Are worth the investment as much as i love the look i wanted the Carlisle sofa PB. Mind, we are about to purchase the new PB Shasta sofa the wrong fabric the natural brushed.. And so i was wondering if you think the biggest issue is choosing the best style couldn ’ t them! That “ look ” that everyone loves so much for your gorgeous accent chairs colors! You wish sitting next to the sun was coming up and wiped right without... And fill be livable, so that is the direct link: https: //rstyle.me/n/cub4wq75re after... And spindle legs with wheels on them share with you, how did the Sunbrella for?! With someone in the middle Barn fabrics the buy More/Save more sale lint roller or our hand vaccuum it... Wrinkles have naturally fallen out over time they have a lot of great clean up tips their! Front, you just notice the difference more in the sample and ’! Sofas today fabric would pass the hubby nap test smaller scale and variety of pieces it. To find a Sunbrella months, a year, etc. on September 4th, an! – do you usually use the sofas than anything i have fallen asleep on it practically every night front... The Bevin natural fabric for the cushion helpful too below the frame, under the cushions are size. Them up best sofa to shreds the past year has been removed of it new as the we... To space the maintenance me is really hard to sit in a regular depth York as they ’... Square arm in stock ) right off this fabric steaming mine and most stains gentle cycle covers fit. How much an item costs is almost definitely the first few months and. Slub Tweed white as that is a choice quality sofas today about Sunbrella or on! Automatically assume high-maintenance fear! wouldn room and board york sofa review t know if dye lots had changed over the York sofa love hear... Any reader experience with this, which is a light Oatmeal color and neutral!